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The Bernie Kai-Kai Gobin Hatchery is operated by the Tulalip Tribes and located on the Tulalip reservation near Marysville, Washington, USA. The hatchery raises and releases three species of salmon, which provide fishing opportunity for Tulalip tribal members in terminal area fisheries on and near the Tulalip Reservation as well as contributing to other commercial and sport fisheries in Washington and British Columbia. Because many wild salmon runs are currently depressed or endangered, the hatchery returns are especially important to the Tulalip Tribes at this time. Having a reliable return of hatchery salmon allows tribal members to fish for ceremonial, subsistence, and commercial purposes, without overharvest of those wild salmon runs that require protection. The long-term vision of the Tulalip Tribes is the restoration of wild salmon production to levels that will support fishing needs.

Species No. Released % Marked Mark Type
Summer Chinook 1,500,000 100%

otolith mark


Coded-wire tag


Adipose fin clip

Coho 1,000,000 100%

otolith mark

5% Coded-wire tag
70% Adipose fin clip
Chum 8,000,000 100% genetic mark


This web page last updated October 14, 2005